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By Jack Fresh Team -, Feb 17 2016 09:41AM

Take a quick look behind the scenes; see what happens as soon as you buy a product.

As soon as you buy any product:

• You will be sent an email confirming your order.

• Your email will contain an invoice with your order attached.

• Our manufacturer will process your order.

• Your order will be produced, and then securely packaged for delivery.

• A second email will be sent to you with your order dispatch confirmation.

• Your package will arrive at your chosen address.

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By Jack Fresh Team -, Feb 10 2016 04:00PM

The Jack Fresh Team believe in supporting the people who support us; we often offer discounts to our customers via our limited offers page, if you check our limited offers page right now, you will see exactly what I mean.

Our customers help us put food on the table, and as a thank you, we help our customers save money and look good; this is how we maintain a great relationship.

With Lady Duracell joining the Jack Fresh Team, it's only right that we help to build support for her, and her loyal customers:

• If you've treated yourself to any item within the “Jack Fresh FX Collection”, or the “We Get Lifted” range (at anytime) you can claim your free download.

• If you have previously donated, or choose to donate £3 or more to DJ Lady Duracell via Paypal between Jan 2016 and April 2016, you can also claim your free download.

Your free download will be available from Feb 4th 2016 - April 4th 2016; with so many certified hits and a fantastic mix, you will not be disappointed no matter when you receive it. This exclusive download contains over 1 hours worth of excellent house music, hosted and mixed by DJ Lady Duracell.

To receive your free download, please send your confirmation order number (found on your receipt), or your donation information to: discounts@jackfresh.com

As soon as your information has been verified by a team member we will be in contact via email.

It's not too late!

All donations £3 or more, from Jan 2016 - April 2016, will entitle you to a Free Download Link. All donations go directly to Lady Duracell to help contribute to her podcast so that she can continue to bring music to your ears.

Please donate to:


Rise up true house music soldiers!

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By Jack Fresh Team -, Jan 27 2016 09:29PM

The best valintines gift: FREE DELIVERY
The best valintines gift: FREE DELIVERY

For the players:

Valentines Day can be a bit of a sticky situation, first of all, you wont want to be seen out shopping for gifts. Nowadays, shopping at the store can be a players nightmare, the cashier usually knows someone who knows someone who knows your main partner, and you know how people talk, well, that’s where shopping online comes in handy, at least you wont be seen, ha! When your gifts arrive, take them to your safe place, and hand out accordingly.

For the singletons:

Being single over Valentines Day means you can kick back, relax and treat yourself for once, every delivery is like a present from you, to you. While your friends are running around trying to match the gift being bought by their partner, all you need to do is make sure you're happy, so go ahead, treat yourself.

For the couples:

Being able to tell your partner that you’ve ordered something online, and that they’re not allowed to open it when it arrives is one of the best feelings, the suspense of wanting to look, but not being able to is like being a kid at Christmas time; if you wasn’t lucky enough to experience the feeling as a kid, try it now, and see what I’m talking about. We recommend adding items to the wish list, then telling your partner to choose from the options, that way you will be sure to get something you really like without knowing exactly what it will be.

Valentines Day just became cheaper:

• Free Delivery when you buy two or more items at Jack Fresh

• Run Time: 29 January to 3 February 2016

• Voucher Code: 2LOVE

Add to the wish list now, and buy after pay day!

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By Jack Fresh Team -, Jan 24 2016 05:08PM

With more and more people shopping via their mobile phone, we have now launched a mobile-friendly website to make your shopping experience even easier.

What this means for the customer:

• On the go shopping; access our website from any device, anywhere that has an internet connection, and shop at your earliest convenience.

• Optimal viewing; all content is displayed according to the device being used, whether you use a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc, our site will resize itself accordingly.

Quicker loading times; all content is displayed at a faster speed due to the new and easily viewed layout.

Save time browsing; no need to zoom/pinch-screen to read text or click on links.

Our website is an excellent choice for hand held browsing and shopping online, and we will continue to provide our customers with a great experience.

Thank you for shopping with Jack Fresh.


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