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What Should I Wear After A Break-up? The Answer Is Here, Finally!

By Jack Fresh Team -, Feb 28 2016 02:00PM

The perfect break up T-Shirt
The perfect break up T-Shirt

Love it or hate it, social media means being seen, and being seen includes ex partners. That’s right, your ex girlfriend or boyfriend is most likely still watching you somehow, someway, so read carefully because a lot of thought has gone into this! Ok, now think about it, your ex is watching and most likely wondering how you’re coping without them, even if they split up with you; ask yourself, do I want my ex to think I’m upset? Or do I want my ex to think I’m getting on fine without them? The choice is yours, if you want people to see that you're doing fine, continue reading.

We have the perfect T-Shirt for you or your friend:

• If you split up with your ex, and you don’t want them back

• If your ex broke your heart, and you don’t want them back

• If over means over

• If you want your ex back & think a touch of reverse psychology will work

The “I still love music” T-Shirts are perfect for many reasons; most of us have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well, now the picture can say exactly what you want it to say, and only you will know the reason behind saying it, the power is back in your hands, and others will wonder what such a powerful message means when your new profile picture is displayed for all to see.

By wearing our T-shirt, you are potentially showing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other friends and followers three main things:

1) You have a good chilled sense of humor

2) You’re confident

3) You have good taste in music

This display of confidence can be highly attractive to on lookers but please remember to smile, no tears or sad faces when taking pictures wearing these tees.


• It’s highly likely that your secret admirers will come out of the closet and present themselves.

• It’s highly likely that your ex will want you back, or leave you alone for good (depending on your personality and how they view you)

• It’s highly likely that you’re current friends will stop going on about your ex as they will see that you’re doing fine.


This T-Shirt can be a great gift for a friend after a break up, can help cheer yourself up, or cause a bit of controversy ;)

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