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By Jack Fresh Team -, May 8 2016 04:20PM

Spring has finally treated us to some sunny days, and now we're all thinking about the best place to get a suntan, and the best nights out home and abroad. The main questions are, should I go on holiday? What's the best cheap holiday? Can i get a discount? What's the best festival to attend? What do I wear?

To answer some of these questions, we have chosen some of the best festivals for summer 2016, and have created an essentials guide to make life a little bit easier for you.

Top 6 festivals of 2016


28-29th May 2016


Highlights: Fatboy Slim, DJ Fresh, Loco Dice, Tale of Us, Sven Vath, MK, Armand Van Helden.


22-26th June 2016

Worthy Farm, Somerset.

Highlights: Adele, Coldplay, Muse, Carl Cox.


8/9/10th July 2016

Finsbury Park, London.

Highlights: Chase & Status, J.Cole, Calvin Harris, Boy Better Know.


8/9/10th July 2016

Morris Farm, Essex.

Highlights: Tinie Tempah, Annie Mac, Charlie Sloth, Sonny Fodera.


15-16th July 2016

Victoria Park, London.

Highlights: Major Lazer, LCD Soundsystem, Hannah Wants, Joris Voorn, Goldie, Luciano, Norman Jay.


20th August 2016

Hylands Park, Chelmsford & Weston Park, Staffs.

Highlights: Justin Bieber, Sia, Faithless, DJ EZ, Rhianna, David Guetta.

Festival Essentials

Tickets and I.D.

Sleeping bag & Tent.

Wellies or walking boots.



Reusable water bottle.


Suntan lotion.


Clothes - of course we are going to say us! We have everything from bum bags to t-shirts, you cannot possibly go wrong! So enjoy our wide range of holiday and festival wear, we (Jack Fresh) have something for everyone, and are suited for all ages, from children to adults. Have a look at our music-related tees!

Enjoy your summer.

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By Jack Fresh Team -, Apr 5 2016 01:02PM

Ralf GUM’s music career dates back to 1990 when he started out as a DJ before establishing himself three years later as a full-on institution within the industry with own productions. Since then Ralf evolved to one of the most respected figures in the House Music scene, who always stayed absolutely fervid about real music and true to his passion. He has ever since attempted to enhance the genre and is nowadays globally renowned for his exceptional productions and DJ-sets. Harmony, Soul & Groove – are the main ingredients, but just some aspects of Ralf’s distinctive deep sound.

By Jack Fresh Team -, Feb 28 2016 02:00PM

The perfect break up T-Shirt
The perfect break up T-Shirt

Love it or hate it, social media means being seen, and being seen includes ex partners. That’s right, your ex girlfriend or boyfriend is most likely still watching you somehow, someway, so read carefully because a lot of thought has gone into this! Ok, now think about it, your ex is watching and most likely wondering how you’re coping without them, even if they split up with you; ask yourself, do I want my ex to think I’m upset? Or do I want my ex to think I’m getting on fine without them? The choice is yours, if you want people to see that you're doing fine, continue reading.

We have the perfect T-Shirt for you or your friend:

• If you split up with your ex, and you don’t want them back

• If your ex broke your heart, and you don’t want them back

• If over means over

• If you want your ex back & think a touch of reverse psychology will work

The “I still love music” T-Shirts are perfect for many reasons; most of us have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well, now the picture can say exactly what you want it to say, and only you will know the reason behind saying it, the power is back in your hands, and others will wonder what such a powerful message means when your new profile picture is displayed for all to see.

By wearing our T-shirt, you are potentially showing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other friends and followers three main things:

1) You have a good chilled sense of humor

2) You’re confident

3) You have good taste in music

This display of confidence can be highly attractive to on lookers but please remember to smile, no tears or sad faces when taking pictures wearing these tees.


• It’s highly likely that your secret admirers will come out of the closet and present themselves.

• It’s highly likely that your ex will want you back, or leave you alone for good (depending on your personality and how they view you)

• It’s highly likely that you’re current friends will stop going on about your ex as they will see that you’re doing fine.


This T-Shirt can be a great gift for a friend after a break up, can help cheer yourself up, or cause a bit of controversy ;)

Treat yourself or someone else!


By Jack Fresh Team -, Feb 24 2016 04:00PM

It can take a lot of effort to make decisions; what should I watch on TV? What should I wear today? What will I eat for dinner? What will I buy for that birthday coming up? Will I go holiday this year? Should I tell my boss what I really think? Am I happy right now? What will make me happy?

Whoa! Just reading that back was enough to make me uncomfortable; like damn, what’s with all the questions.

Well, some decisions are easier than others; say goodbye to confusion, say hello to limited offers.

Treat yourself!


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